​Welcome to our website and our exploratory effort to build a new Black Diaspora Movement (BDM). We are excited to report that since the announcement of this initiative three weeks ago, we have received hundreds of visits to the site. 

Once more, we'd like to emphasize that this enterprise seeks to build a fluid and diverse diasporic network that facilitates the exchange of news, information, analysis, and theoretical concepts. Through this process we hope to reach general consensus around a small set of foundational issues representing a synthesis of constructs and theories that depart from previous modes of African diasporic thought.   

This new diaspora movement does not seek competition or displacement of existing African diaspora movements. Rather, it contemplates a more expansive notion of the Black diaspora, both geographically and theoretically. In that sense BDM is envisioned as an innovative workshop of ideas providing intellectual oxygen to nascent Black-led movements and alliances across the planet. 

With that in mind, Since September 4, we have expanded our BDM section to include culture, news, and analysis from around the diaspora. As we gather these diverse currents and experiences from Melanesia to Black Europe to Brazil, one thing is clear: in the aftermath of the global George Floyd upsurge, Black political forces are growing bolder and more imaginative. So is the backlash by the repressive machinery of the carceral state.   

To expand the diversity and depth of the Black diaspora movement we encourage our readers to Tweet us with links to items you would like to have posted. 

To expand our internet outreach to millions across the diaspora, we have acquired two new sub-domains to increase Google search traffic. The two web domains that we have activated are www.blackdiasporamovement.com and www.africandiasporamovement.org. We are also hoping to provide a hashtag in the bear future. 

Please tweet us with your thoughts, suggestions and articles. We will be posting another progress report in the first week of October. On behalf of the New Black Nationalist movement in America's settler state, we are honored by the time you've spent with us and we look forward to hearing from you. 

September 22, 2020 

Black Diaspora Movement Communique No. 1 - Progress Brief 
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A George Floyd Memorial Project 
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