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US Facilitates Arms for Killer Cops and Criminals in Haiti

Weapons are flowing to pro-regime gangsters suspected of assassinating opponents of the US-backed regime.

“G9 is evoking the horrors of the Tontons Macoutes, the government-backed paramilitaries that terrorized Haiti for decades under dictator François ‘Papa Doc’ Duvalier and his son, Jean-Claude.”

In November, 2019, as part of its support for the Haitian National Police (HNP), the State Department’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) awarded a $73,000 contract for the provision of “riot gear kit[s]” for the police’s crowd control unit, CIMO, according to information contained in the US government’s contracting database.

by Jake Johnson - September 2, 2020 
    Seven Brazilian Scholars Discuss Race In Brazil
Germany Extermination of Africans Was Holocaust Template 
Tanya Day's Death in Custody in Australia
Langa Mavuso's New Single "Panther"
News and Culture Around the Diaspora
The murder of Bruno Candé has put racism – and colonial amnesia – under the spotlight in Portugal. 

Candé’s murder has sparked a major debate on racism and the afterlife of colonialism in Portugal, but not everyone is convinced of the motives behind the murder of a Black man by a white man who had hurled racial slurs. Denial has been widespread.

More...   9.11.20
by Martha Vidal - September 11, 2020  
CBC Series on Black Realities in Canada
Barbados Leaves Queen & Commonwealth: Dr. Kristina Hines Says "Not Enough Time to Make Changes" 

The one-year timeframe for Barbados’ transition to a republic may be too short for any radical changes to be made to the parliamentary system imposed by the British at independence. That is the view of Political Scientist Dr. Kristina Hinds who believes that by November 2021, the major feature of Barbados’ new republic would be a president, whose duties are identical to those of a Governor General.


​Barbados Today
Kareem Smith - September 17, 2020
Black Lives Matter: Prosecutors consider charges against protesters accused of toppling Edward Colston statue

Prosecutors are considering bringing criminal charges against four Black Lives Matter protesters accused of toppling the statue of Edward Colston in Bristol.

A bronze memorial to the 17th-century slave trader was pulled down during a demonstration on 7 June and dumped in Bristol Harbor.

It sparked a wave of pressure to remove statues of people involved in the slave trade across Britain and fears of further damage sparked violent protests including ones organized by far-right groups.


The Independent
Lizzie Deardon
Colston Statue Topplers May be Charged in U.K.
Declaration of Support for Independence for West Papua 
Aboriginal News Service Aus.
​West Papua Liberation News
Shots Fired , Officers Down: Louisville, The People Verdict
                         Breonna Taylor's Killers Set Free  

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Ugandan Activist Vanessa Nakate Takes on Climate Fight
In Uganda, Vanessa Nakate Takes on Climate Fight
Challenging SA media’s use of right-wing populism

Right-wing populism has a seductive appeal to some. But its solutions to social ills are dangerous and paranoid and must be rejected. The radical far Right thrives in times of political and economic instability. Generalized fear and anxiety can build cultural support for ultra-nationalism, hate and authoritarian responses to social problems.

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by Christopher McMichael
October 13, 2020
​Since prime minister Allen Chastanet admission that “the country is broke”, I have had this very sick feeling. From being the envy of the rest of the Caribbean, Chastanet has made us the laughingstock.

Many Caribbean and international leaders have taken shots at us. The Unity Labour Party of St Vincent and the Grenadines Facebook page illustrated two points:


by Carlton Augustine
October 17, 2020
St Lucia need to restore its respect #Chastanetmustgo
Black Lives Matter rally in Brisbane over death of Aboriginal woman erupts into chaos as police make arrests.

What started as a peaceful rally outside the Brisbane Watchhouse this morning quickly descended into violence when protesters began putting red paint on their hands and defacing police cars and the watch house.
This prompted police to start making arrests, leading to scuffles between authorities and ralliers.

The mission to ‘end Afro hair discrimination’ continues

Major UK teaching unions back World Afro Day call to action

THE ASCL, Voice the Union, NAHT and NASUWT have all thrown their weight behind the World Afroc Day campiang to end Afro hair discrimination in schools.

Launched last month on September 15, World Afro Day, Unions have backed the campaign for schools and headteachers to comply with the Equality Act and eradicate any discrimination around Afro hair within their institutions.

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by Joel Campbell
October 17, 2020

Today, New Black Nationalists in America's settler state, condemned the massacre of #EndSARS protestors in Lagos. The shootings bore all the hallmarks of pre-meditated mass murders. 

At the Lekki Toll Gate Plaza on Tuesday, soldiers showed up around 6:45 in the evening, and barricaded an area where peaceful protesters were demonstrating. Once the soldiers opened fire, the protestors were trapped in the "kill zone," and ambulances could not breach the barriers to treat the wounded.  
.    #EndSARS Protesters Killed: But You Can't Murder A Revolution
        #EndSARS Protests: You Can't Murder A Revolution
Britain is Not Innocent

A Netpol report on the policing of Black Lives Matter protests in Britain’s towns and cities in 2020

Six months on from the killing of George Floyd by police in the US, our new report examines the policing of the subsequent large-scale protests across Britain.

Named after a rallying cry of demonstrators, ‘Britain is not innocent’: A Netpol Report on the policing of Black Lives Matter protests in Britain’s towns and cities in 2020 is informed by evidence from over 100 witnesses, including protesters, legal observers, and arrestee support volunteers.

Read more...  (The Network for Police Monitoring)
November 11, 2020
PARIS — Tens of thousands of people took to the streets across France on Saturday to protest a security bill that would restrict sharing images of police officers and strengthen government surveillance tools, the latest sign that anger over recent cases of police violence is galvanizing opposition.

Media organizations and human rights groups held rallies in dozens of cities including Paris, Bordeaux and Lyon. All raised alarm about the new bill, saying it could curb freedom of the press and limit police accountability.


The New York Times
November 28, 2020
Protests Over Security Bill in France 
Draw Tens of Thousands
​Adam Elliot-Cooper 
Black Diaspora Movement