​Welcome to the exploratory effort to form a New Black Diaspora Movement announced by New Black Nationalists on September 4, 2020. 

Over the next few weeks in September and early October, we will continue to distribute the call for the NBDM, to determine if there is sufficient interest to move the project forward. For this reason, its important that all individuals and parties interested in participating in this effort send us a Twitter message from the "Contact" link on this page (https://twitter.com/WBBrooksIII). 

We will also post periodic updates on this page to inform you of developments. 

While New Black Nationalists associated with this website issued the call for this exploratory effort to create NBDM, it is not our intention to lead this effort. This must be an effort of joint ownership and democratic consultation.

We envisioned this endeavor as a diverse "movement," that would initially function as an active network that coalesces around a website to exchange information and ideas. If there is a volunteer or organization that is interested in hosting a site, please let us know. 

In the meantime, NewBlackNationalism.com has opened a suite of pages to share diaspora news, analysis, papers, and events. Please feel free to tweet submissions. We look forward to hearing from you.      

September 4, 2020 


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