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                 Millions of Angry Armed Americans Stand Ready to Seize Power if Trump Loses in 2024 (Newsweek—12.20.21)
                 Three Retired Generals: Military Must Prepare Now for Insurgency in 2024 (The Washington Post--12.24.21) 
                 Trump’s Next Coup Has Already Begun (Atlantic Monthly--12.05.21) 

History speaks of coups as intrigues that thrive on secrecy and stealth. These December headlines suggest otherwise. 

The unfolding Trump-Republican Party-White Nationalist coup plot to create American Apartheid is a profoundly conspicuous act of sedition. It is a brazen public dare that evinces a design to not only render Biden's administration and Democrats impotent, but create an air of inevitable success. On both counts it appears to be succeeding.   

In 2022, Black Nationalists must confront a series of existential decisions that can no longer be deferred. In the aftermath of the January 6 Capitol insurrection, “The Cathedral,” (Trump, Republicans, and White Nationalists Militias) have accelerated preparations for civil war, governmental collapse, and multiple strategies to pursue authoritarian state capture in conjunction with the 2024 elections. 

This 2022 Action Plan: “Transitioning to a Revolutionary Period,” [TRP] presents an agenda to alter the current state of play. It seeks to re-position the Black Nationalist Movement to convert the gathering  
existential crisis into the creation of an independent Black nation-state and city-states.  

TRP’s overarching strategic architecture dictates that if social chaos, civil war, and American Empire’s collapse is imminent, then let it come. We can’t stop it because we didn’t create it. Nor is it in Black Nationalists' interests to save America, corporately managed democracy, or the Democratic Party. Our interests are to identify opportunities, design strategies, and organize forces to exercise a variety of options to win self-determination and political autonomy.  

Changing “the state of play” means Black Nationalists must begin winning the argument in our communities. We must explain that widespread voter suppression, coup plotting, and wild conspiracy theories are a sign of desperation and weakness, not only of Republicans, white nationalists, and QAnon lemmings, but more fundamentally of American Empire's dying system. 

Although Trump and The Cathedral’s goal of taking over the country is serious and can succeed, Black self-determination is a viable and preferable alternative. Making the argument will open up political space for radical Black formations and activists to pursue initiatives that allow Black Nationalists to go on the offensive. We must dictate the time and place of battle, and the choice of political weapons on our terms. Our destiny cannot rest in the hands of Joe Biden or Joe Manchin, anymore than with Donald Trump.   

The importance of demonstrating to Black communities how The Cathedral is attempting to take over the country, starting with the 2022 elections, cannot be minimized. We must expose every move Republicans and white nationalists make to nullify Black and Brown voters, to hijack the political process, to convert law enforcement, the military, and the courts into their partisan instruments of authoritarian rule. In doing so we will also reveal how feckless Democrats' pathetic response is condemning Black people to the draconian technology of American Apartheid

Black Nationalists and allies must also explain how and why The Cathedral is increasingly arguing for civil war and National Divorce to divide the country into red and blue states. This is the existential fault line that is creating the opening for governmental collapse and the creation of Black self-rule.  

To help arm Black Nationalists with analytical and theoretical weapons to argue for self-determination, we must vet every conceivable approach to gain the strategic advantage. This is not a time to leave anything on the table. From negotiating with foreign nations to diplomatically support our claims of self-determination, to holding municipal referendums in majority Black cities, to become independent city-states, we must think anew. 

In recognition of the gathering confluence of events and emerging revolutionary prospects, New Black Nationalists’ 2022 Transition to a Revolutionary Period [TRP] Action Plan undertakes the following tasks: 

Expanding the website’s Trump Coup Watch (TCW) section to analyze and monitor The Cathedral’s actions and methods to execute an extraconstitutional seizure of governmental power. TCW also monitors the U.S. House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol, Biden’s Administration and the U.S. Justice Department prosecution of white nationalists and January 6 Capitol insurrectionists.  

• NBN will release a new special series called The Civil War Diaries in February 2022. The series will feature articles on Civil War theory, analysis of The Cathedral's preparations for civil war, and “gaming out” the most likely civil war scenarios and responses that could occur in the United States. 

• NBN is issuing a call for Black Nationalist candidates to run for public office who support the creation of an independent, Black-led republic, city-states, and autonomous entities. This recommendation is strictly for short-term tactical political purposes. It affords Black Nationalist activists increased visibility and opportunities expose The Cathedral's coup plotting and Democratic Party complicity. In no way should these candidacies reflect support for American Empire's imperial system. New Black Nationalists will offer suggestions on political issues for consideration by candidates.   

• On February 28, 2022, New Black Nationalist will adopt a final report on its one-year critical reading of Frantz Fanon’s corpus of works on Women, Nationalism, Nation- Building, Violence, New Humanism, Marxism, and Philosophy. Black Nationalists will be resourced with a political and ideological template customized to the concrete conditions of the revolutionary process in American Empire. Black Nationalists will also possess a critique of a Fanonist philosophical system to help guide its actions to win self-determination and build a new Black-led societies.   

• On April 2, 2022, New Black Nationalist will launch a 14-month project to write and release the Draft Program for a New Black Republic. The draft program will elaborate a proposed governance structure and articulate a full spectrum of policies and programs to stand up a new Black-led post-heteropatriarchal republic. 

The draft program will address but not be limited to the following areas:

The Economy
The Environment
The Rights of the People
Defense and National Security
International Relations
Health Care 
The Arts and Culture 

This is a major undertaking that must be completed. To be taken seriously, increasingly New Black Nationalists will have to answer the question: What do I get in a new Black republic? 

We must proffer answers that make sense, are realistic, and clearly demonstrate real personal, family, community, and national benefits for the overwhelming majority of our people. Our republic must stand on the highest ethics and be imbued with a sense of national purpose and destiny.  

It cannot be emphasized enough that the Black Nationalist Movement is on the clock. This is the moment we have been waiting for; the imminent collapse of American Empire is at hand. Our people are desperately seeking answers to the unfolding chaos they are witnessing. We cannot abandon them to the Democratic Party or the illusions of leftist Social Democracy. 

The 2022 Action Plan: “Transitioning to a Revolutionary Period,” repositions the Black Nationalist Movement to broadly influence our communities, taking into account our small forces, limited alliances and resources, and the political blowback that comes from advocating a revolutionary solution.  And that's the point: we are entering a revolutionary period. It's a Quarter Till Nation Time! 

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