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Frantz Fanon 

John Fitzgerald Johnson, A.K.A. "Grandmaster Jay," the Supreme Commander of the "Not Fucking Around Coalition" Black militia, was arrested on Thursday, December 3, on federal charges. 

New Black Nationalists condemn the U.S. government's deliberate attempt to decapitate the "Not Fucking Around Coalition" by permanently removing its leader. Furthermore, Johnson's arrest is a direct attack on Black people, their right to armed self-defense, and to bear arms. 

These trumped up charges were brought against Johnson, who allegedly pointed his rifle at Louisville policemen and Secret Service agents on a rooftop overlooking Armory Place at night. The incident in Louisville was supposed to have occurred on September 4, 2020, after a rally supporting Justice for Breonna Taylor. Johnson is being held in Oldham County Jail in LaGrange, Kentucky with no bail.

The criminal complaint states that Johnson "forcibly assaulted, resisted, opposed, impeded, intimidated, and interfered with federally deputized task force officers" when he aimed a rifle at them. If convicted Johnson would face 20 years in federal prison.  

Details about the targeting of Johnson are sketchy. The Louisville Police said they were conducting watch over a crowd at Jefferson Square when they were notified of the presence of six to eight heavily armed people at Armory Place. Officers claimed when they looked down, they were "blinded by a light" which they determined was a flashlight mounted on a rifle Johnson pointed at them. 

Those same "blinded" officers looking down at night from the rooftop made positive identifications of Johnson. Really? They also said Johnson knew they were policemen when he pointed his rifle at them because two of the LMPD were wearing body armor with a semi-reflective placard clearly identifying them. Okay, they are actually testifying what Johnson saw. But hey, this is Louisville. We know their dubious history with telling the truth.  

To buttress the LPMP's story, the FBI released a photo of a person pointing a rifle upwards. We assume that photo was enhanced or lightened as it appeared to be taken in the daytime. Newspaper reports tagged the grainy photo as Johnson.  

New Black Nationalists will continue to follow the developments surrounding this attempt to neutralize Grand Master Jay and intimidate the Not Fucking Around Coalition. 

Since the July 4, 2020 NFAC march on Stone Mountain, Georgia, we have expressed our support for the NFAC, as well as its pronouncements supporting the creation of a Black state. 

We have supported their promotion of armed self-defense for the Black community. And while we are not defenders of the U.S. Constitution, we have defended their right to bear arms. In our view, the NFAC is one of American Empire's worse nightmares--disciplined armed Black women and men with guns, and lots of them. 

It was inevitable that the FEDs were going to try to take the NFAC and the charismatic Johnson down. This Cointelpro 2.0 operation must not be allowed to stand. This is political hit on Grandmaster Jay, and it must be fought as a political battle. Now is the time for all Black organizations and individuals to demand that Johnson be released on bail. 

New Black Nationalists implore all self-identifying Black radicals, revolutionaries, progressives, and Black Nationalists to unify to stop the railroading of "Grandmaster Jay" Johnson. Now is the time to demand freedom for Grandmaster Jay Johnson.  

   Free "Grandmaster Jay" Johnson

Stop the Railroading of the Not Fucking Around Coalition Leader
Why Have the Black Press and Organizations Gone Silent About Grandmaster Jay's Arrest?
The Grio, on-line news site and finishing school for Black journalists promoted to MSNBC's airwaves like Joy Reid and Jason Johnson, has gone silent on the arrest of "Grandmaster Jay" Johnson. Their lead story on Friday, Dec. 4, was Kamala Harris musing that she will call her husband the future "second gentleman" of Washington, D.C.'s ruling class, "honey." 

TheRoot.com, whose slogan is "The Blacker the Content the Sweeter the Truth,"  led with Michael Harriot's piece on Trump planning a coup to stay in power. Okay, that's good. But not even a short side bar on Grandmaster Jay's arrest? 

Although in 2020, the Not Fucking Around Coalition and Grandmaster Jay's off the hook Black militia movement were turning over tables, making international news from Atlanta, to Louisville to Lafayette, LA. 

So, can someone explain to us how Russia Today's English edition carried its own by-line on Dec. 4, of Grandmaster Jay's  arrest, but the mainstream Black press went "dark.". Not a peep has been heard from most Black media outlets and groups about Johnson's FBI  abduction. 

The Root and The Grio--two millennial mainstream Black news groups--"blackout" of Grandmaster Jay's jailing with no bail, was to be somewhat expected. What surprised New Black Nationalists, however, was the silence at the BlackAgendaReport.com

BlackAgendaReport.com styles itself as "providing news, commentary, and analysis from the black left." On Dec. 4, reported on the internal revolt by local chapters against the leadership of Patrice Cullors, and slammed Biden and Harris as is their weekly ritual.   

But when it came to "Grandmaster Jay," not a word. The Black left's premier on-line news and commentary site, didn't mention his name. No outrage here from our Black social-democrat friends about this blatant proto-Cointelpro operation. 

And what of Black Lives Matter and the Movement for Black Lives--the sentinels keeping watch over American Empire's state sanctioned terror and the "war on black people."    

New Black Nationalists are reserving judgement on what's going on with the Black left and the "progressive press." Suffice it to say, what we have so witnessed so is shameful and dangerous. 

Grandmaster Jay and the Not Fucking Around Coalition have been controversial to say the least; far too radical for some. We get that. But since when do progressives and the Black left go silent and refuse to call out a gestapo-type arrest.  

The question must be asked: Is the "Black-left" more afraid of what Grandmaster Jay and the NFAC represent than the carceral state?  Come on people. It's gut check time, and a lot of folks are trying to fly beneath the radar.