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From the Black Diaspora Movement to the  
Fanon Global Movement
The following three arguments are the founding documents of the Black Diaspora Movement initiated in September of 2020. These papers include the inaugural call for the BDM exploratory effort. The second document, 'The Consciousness, Composition and Actions of the Global BLM 2.0 Insurgency' is an assessment of the character of the 2020 BLM 2.0 "Lavender Revolution' that ignited the call to explore a new diasporic formation. The third paper, Crisis Theory, & the Collapse of American Empire analyzes the international situation and deepening global crisis of American Empire.

In February 2021, New Black Nationalists adopted the body of Frantz Fanon's theoretical works as its guiding philosophical system. As part of NBN's reading of Fanon's constructs centering Decolonial Theory, and analysis of the nationalist and socialist revolutionary movements of the Third World, we concluded Fanon's work could serve as the political and ideological foundation for a new global revolutionary movement. On February, 20, 2021, the NBN formed the Fanon Global Movement.
​The Call for a New Black Diaspora Movement 

09 . 2020
Today, New Black Nationalists in America’s settler state issued a call to explore the formation of a New Black Diaspora Movement (NBDM). The initiative was launched in conjunction with NewBlackNationalism.com’s George Floyd Memorial Project.  

The Consciousness, Composition and Actions of the Global BLM 2.0 Insurgency

12 . 2020
Occasionally circumstance and history beckon the conscious element to undertake phenomenal tasks that on appearance, exceed their capabilities and resources to capture the moment. 

​Fanon Forum
Crisis Theory, & the Collapse  of American Empire 

10 . 2020
Crisis Theory [CT] was drafted to arm New Black Nationalists with a predictive model of the causes and outcomes that occur when countries spiral into an existential crisis; namely governmental collapse, partition, civil war, revolution, and counter-revolution.

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