On the eve of the 2020’s, is circulating a Declaration of Principles (DOP) for consideration by all self-identifying Black Nationalists. 

We believe these principles represent a consensus view of Black Nationalism’s core philosophy. They also strike a meaningful contrast between the “alternative” Black Nationalist perspective and other schools of Black political thought.  

The release of the Declaration of Principles at this time reflects an assessment that the speed and breath of American Empire’s disintegration is accelerating. Accordingly, the house of Black Nationalism must recalibrate its analytics to act in concert with future developments.  

We have entered a new period marked by intense race-based cultural warfare that is partitioning society between people of color and whites, nativists and immigrants, patriots and traitors, loyalists and enemies of the state. 

Consonant with the ruling class’s project to racially and socially balkanize society, normalizing authoritarian measures,conducting mass disinformation campaigns, opening concentration camps, and eliminating  women’s reproductive rights are active measures being taken to govern under future conditions of emergency or authoritarian rule.  

Thus, impeachment of the White Nationalist, autocratic president at the outset of the 2020’s is more metaphor than coincidence. The impending “show trial” of “The Apprentice” will be a manifesto of comprehensive corruption, tribal politics, gridlock, lawless rule, collaboration with foreign powers, narcissism, and “white justice.” 

Irrespective of whether the impeachment or “soft coup” to remove “The Apprentice” from office succeeds, it underscores a fundamental truth; American Empire’s current trajectory is unsustainable and moving  invariably toward an existential crisis. It is that “existential moment” when American Empire’s government collapses or is temporarily paralyzed, that Black Nationalists can break through to win self-determination and its own nation-state.  

Whether an unpopular war, financial crash, or constitutional crisis triggers the confluence of events leading to an existential crisis, the contagion of White Nationalism is the driving force intensifying race-based cultural warfare.  

Having resurfaced in Europe, the plague metastasized across the continent and is now visiting its sins on America. White Nationalist ideology espoused by “The Apprentice” has consumed the Republican Party. It has infected the bloodstream of millions of whites, who've converted their soft bigotry and racial phobias of a majority Black and Brown country into grievance-driven revenge and hatred against people of color. White Nationalism has now consolidated an open, permanent, and functional social base.  

After years of languishing in relative obscurity, Black Nationalists have begun clawing their way back into the struggle. While Newton’s third law of physics posits that “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction,” Black Nationalism’s rise has not been a reflexive reaction to Trump or White Nationalism. That  narrative may comport with logic, but not truth.  

Black Nationalist veterans of the 60s, survived decades in the political wilderness, until Black Lives Matter’s sudden emergence in 2014, breathed new life into the movement. 

Increasingly, Black Nationalists are strengthening ties with radical Black feminists, LGBTQ activists, Afrofuturists, Afropunk cultural rebels, millennial resistors, and leftist revolutionary forces. These cross currents are creating multivalent strands of alternative political and cultural expression, and foreshadow a new alternative Black Nationalist configuration.  

The challenges confronting the Black Nationalist movement in the 2020’s are significant. Black Nationalists have yet to elaborate a consensus theory of Black culture. Black Nationalists must also popularize a narrative that American Empire's growing crisis underscores its vulnerabilities, and the possibility of its collapse may create a pathway to create an independent Black nation. If history has taught us anything, it is that all empires come with an expiration date. Unlike most, we believe American Empire's ultimate crisis will mature in the 2020's.                                                                                                                                                        Perhaps the most critical advance on Black Nationalists unfinished agenda is developing an organizational and intellectual center that provides wise counsel and guidance for our movement. The 2020 Declaration of Principles was drafted to help establish an ideological foundation that anchors our alternative Black Nationalist movement. We trust that it contributes to that goal.   


​A Historically Constituted Black Nation

Black people in America’s settler state are a historically constituted nation, formed in the 1800’s as the majority population in the "Black Belt South," (concentrated in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina). As a historically evolved nation, Black people shared a common language, culture, institutions, psychological makeup, and over time developed a class structure. Having emerged out of 250 years of slavery, and a century of federally sanctioned segregation (Jim Crow), Black people are an oppressed nation of a unique type.  


Black people’s right to exercise self-determination and establish its own homeland is non-negotiable. Black people are historically a captive nation, forcibly kidnapped, illegally transported, and economically exploited. Once slavery was constitutionally abolished Black people were never presented with a formal option to exercise its right of self-determination (voluntary U.S. citizenship, return home to Africa, immigrate to another country, or secession from America’s settler state and establishing a sovereign nation on its soil). Therefore, Black people’s right to collectively determine their national destiny remains in force.  

The exercise of Black self-determination may also include the establishment of Black autonomous regions of a separate multi-racial state, independent Black city-states, or voluntary citizenship and full incorporation in a separate multi-racial state.

Alternative Black Nationalists support the right of self-determination of all oppressed people internationally, including those nations and ethnic groups waging "people's wars" to liberate themselves from foreign domination.

Alternative Black Nationalists support the creation of an independent homeland for indigenous natives and Mexican descendants in the Southwest region of America’s settler state. We support self-determination for the indigenous people of all current U.S. territories. We support autonomy for Asian-Americans, if desired.


Alternative Black Nationalist support demands for reparations for damages resulting from the enslavement and theft of the labor of our Black ancestors, and damages resulting from the state-sanctioned discriminatory practices associated with Jim Crow laws.  

Black Culture

Black people created an authentic Black culture in America’s settler state. It was conceived by melding divergent enslaved West African ethnic cultures and aspects of Western culture into a single Black organic culture. This distinct Black culture was forged though a common language, religious practices, customs, music, myth, and oral traditions. Alternative Black Nationalists proudly acknowledge and cherish our deep African cultural roots, but Black culture--like our Black nation--is a unique organic phenomenon. in this Black Nationalists are not--culturally and ideologically speaking--are not Pan Africanists or Afrocentrists.

On Women: 

Alternative Black Nationalists support the full and unfettered participation of women in the Black Liberation Movement, especially in leadership positions. We are anti-sexist and oppose "gendered roles" for women. We condemn the epidemic of violence against women and teenage females. 

On LGBTQ, Transgender, and Queer Equality 

Alternative Black Nationalists support the full involvement of LGTBQ, Transgender, and Queer persons at all levels within the Black Liberation Movement. We oppose all forms of discrimination and violence directed at these communities.  

On Ideology

Alternative Black Nationalists are not separatists or Black supremists. We condemn racist, xenophobic, and misogynistic ideologies and practices. 

The 2020 New Black Nationalist Declaration of Principles
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