Disruptive Strategies: Black Feminism, Intersectionality and Afrofuturism by Professor Cherie A. Turpin 
      The Double Consciousness of Paul Gilroy        25 Years Later: www.africasacountry.com
New Black Nationalists  Statement of Support for the "Not Fucking Around Coalition "
New Black Nationalists Support for the Pacific Northwest Youth Liberation Front BLM 2.0
New Black Nationalists Support  Independence for West  Papua

Franz Fanon
Illustrator: Anastasya Eliseeva 
Southern Poverty Law Center Removes Black Separatists from Hate Watch List
​          Pan Africanism Begins at Home                        africasacountry.com             
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​  Letter To Black Feminists On Gender,  Identity, and Nationalism 
Call for Black Feminist - Black Nationalist Exchange
   New Black Nationalists Embrace Afrofuturists' Cultural Contributions  
    Frantz Fanon    
Illustrator: Anastasya Eliseeva
Election Day: Chaos, Vote Stealing & Violence 
by NewBlackNationalism.com
Sao Paulo Brazil 1st Black Trans Councilwoman            AfricaNews.com
Coming on February 28, 2021: Announcement

The Frantz Fanon Forum
Should New Black Nationalists Adopt "Fanonism" as its Guiding Ideology?
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​Theorist of the Barricades
     Blackness in Amsterdam                              
Nov. 3 Election End Game: The Shadows of Civil War   
Two days after the Election Day fog of the “Red Mirage” all but dissipated on Thursday, American Empire’s next geriatric presidential elect still remains in doubt. But the scent of a future civil war this decade, lingers in the air.  

   Trump's Fall: It's Time to Step Up Our Struggle                 NewBlackNationalism.com              
Black Militias and Black Women with Guns 

Invitation to Black Feminists: Contribute to Fanon Forum on Women & Feminism
The Hand Grenade: Blog 
​At the largest gathering of black people he had ever seen together in Amsterdam, the author, originally from Kenya, wonder why they knew so little of each other.

Now accepting commentaries and papers on Twitter: @ WBBrooks lll  

   49,994 Black COVID-19 Deaths as of         Dec.10, Black Death Rate Continues to Fall   
Finding Marielle Franco’s Killers, by Stephanie Reist    Jacobin Magazine
Crisis Theory: The Collapse of American Empire: The Argument for a New Black Diaspora Movement - Paper No. 2
Notes on Fake Decolonization: Bhakti Shringarpure
2020: A Great Year for Black People  and our Liberation Movement
Trump's "Capitol Coup"  Prelude to Civil War          NewBlackNationalism.com
Trump's Coup Opens Civil War Between Whites   newblacknationalism.com
Black Feminism Informed by 
Sensuous Knowledge  with Minna Salami
      Our Machiavellian Moment                                       
     Finding Marielle Franco's Killers
Fanon & New Black Nationalism 
NBN Responds to Ajamu Baraka
                Call for a New Black                  Diaspora Movement 
Why Black Nationalists Failed to Develop a Theory of Black Culture
A Framework for Reparations
2020 New Black Nationalists      Declaration of Principles
​         Call for the Black Feminist -          Black Nationalist Exchange
Statement of Support on Afrofuturism 
The Flatness of Blackness: Afro Pessimism and the Erasure of Anti-Colonial Thought by Kevin Ochieng Okoth: Savage.zone
Bush/Taylor-Greene Saga: Guns, Tribes & Contract Hits
RRussians Defy Kremlin in Demonstrations                             nytimes.com
               Black First Land First Party                 on Ivermectin for COVID-19 
​No Time to Mourn: An Anthology by South Sudanese Women
Neymar:“It’s not like 
I’m black, you know?” 

Years before he became the most expensive player in the world; before his Olympic gold medal; before the Eiffel Tower lit up with his name to greet his professional move from Barcelona to Paris, Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior, the Brazilian forward known to the world simply as Neymar, faced his first public relations controversy.
New Black Nationalists Dedicate Black History    Month  2021  to Black Feminists
A Conversation: The Black Feminist - Black Nationalist Exchange  
Hip-Hop Has an Anti-Vaccine Problem
​  New Black Nationalists Adopt Fanonism as Guiding Philosophy
​Learn From Fanon & 'Breathe'
NBN Statement on Adopting Fanonian Philosophy
​  The 2021 Action Plan for
  New Black Nationalists
& 2021 Reading List
New Black Nationalist Framework on Reparations
Black Consciousness and the Global BLM 2.0 Rising
New Black Nationalist 2021 Action Plan